Emily Speed Print Now on Sale at The Bluecoat


Emily Speed Sfogliatelle
Screen Print
Limited Edition of 50

This print, Sfogliatelle (a type of Italian pastry and meaning 'many leaves/layers')
continues to explore a sculptural work Facades/Flats that Emily Speed made in
Rome in 2012. Façades/Flats looked at the layers of theatrical façades that exist
within a city, especially those whose bricks, design or size communicate power and
clearly signify exclusion. Speed is also interested in the ever-changing nature of
cities and how quickly buildings appear and disappear. In the print, several layers do
not really exist; they are made using only negative space and hopefully create a
slippery space that one can never be totally certain about.

This print is available to buy at the Tickets and Information desk, priced £120 (unframed)