À Deux Doigts

À Deux Doigts (Two Fingers) are two French artists; Grégoire Canut and Anne Chamberland. 

'Their intention is to create a single entity regardless of who carries the trait. What matters is the common and shared understanding of the narrative universe, a universe that asks a recurring human material in a dreamlike atmosphere, often cruel, where childhood is at the heart of the story'.

They recently finished a ten day screen print residency at the Bluecoat print studios, where they produced a number of amazing screen prints. 
Two of which are going to be exhibited for three weeks on Thursday 1st August along with artists Gregory Herbert, Alex Smith and Jen Fenner in the Bluecoat on the 2nd floor. 

Make sure you check out the rest of A Deux Doigts prints over on their website; adeuxdoigts.fr/
and their blog; 10daysinlivercool