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Workshop dates and information

Bluecoat print studio workshop and course listings

A short guide to hire of print studios at the Bluecoat

Health and Safety notes for Silkscreen Studio

Health and Safety notes for Intaglio Studio

Intaglio methods

An alternative to traditional aquatint

Creating halftone using Photoshop

Solarplate making suppliers list

Making hand drawn positives by Tracy Hill

Monoprinting notes by Emma Gregory

Innovative intaglio by Emma Gregory

Viscosity printing by Justin Sanders

Photo intaglio notes by Tracy Hill

Photo-Intaglio, a new era of etching by Tracy Hill

Using Photec step by step by Emma Gregory

Coca cola Lithography by Neil Morris

Gum Arabic notes by Chris and Lorraine Waites

Suppliers' list for safe etching

Hard Resist notes Nov 2007

BIG Resist by Andrew Baldwin

Etched and Incised Lino by Martin Kochany

Screen printing

Four Colour Separation by Dave Evans

Screen printing notes by Emma Gregory

Laser cutting notes by Emma Gregory

Photoshop notes by Chris and Lorraine Waites

Suppliers' list for screen printing

Notes from Printing or Editioning Masterclass led by Jason Hicklin

Silk screen Photostencil by Jane Spencer

Silk Screen Printing 1 by Jane Spencer

Silk Screen Paper Stencil by Jane Spencer

Initial Experiments with Screen Printing onto Fabric by Jane Spencer