Ian McKay, Resident Toymaker!

For the past ten days we have had the privilege of having Ian McKay, creator of automata and mechanical toys, in residency at our print studios here in the Bluecoat! Based just outside Bath, Ian uses wood, metal and found materials in his work. He combines them with an avid interest in machines and moving parts he gained from his favourite job (working in a chicken factory!) to make toys that not only create a sense of nostalgia but also contain an element of surprise. See some of his work here: www.ianthetoymaker.co.uk.

Relatively new to the print making scene, Ian used his time here to experiment with new techniques, including screen printing, monoprinting and drawing onto drypoint card, using the different media to change his approach to his pictures and mark making. On working with new materials the artist said: "to be allowed to work in a different discipline is an interesting thing to do. Crossovers are important - they give you interesting results".

Here are some examples of work created during his visit:

Many thanks to Ian for coming and working with us, it will be exciting to see where printing takes you in your work!

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