Laser cutting follow up course

Back in February we ran a fantastic demonstration on the uses and versatility of laser cutting. Now, thanks to the lovely people at  POD, we can offer a full six-session course on how to prepare your drawings and images to laser cut onto paper, acrylic, fabric and wood. You don't need to have seen the demonstration, this course is suitable for all abilities!

Look at the cool stuff you could make!

"I'd say that there would be a high level of play and experimentation with the toolset and that people will be able to concentrate on a personal project throughout the process. The Workshops will aim to give people a strong understanding of the processes and capabilities of laser cutting as well as a grounding in creating compatible digital files of their work." Andrew Hooper, Design Coordinator at POD and course leader.

The high level of detail and intricacy achieved by Laser cutting is making it extremely popular in the art and fashion worlds alike. How about these laser cut T-Shirts from PERF, or interlocking coasters from design studio Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp - pretty funky huh?

Laser cutting is perfect if you have had thoughts of an intricate design but didn't know how to go about it. How about some beautiful Christmas cards, or a bold statement piece of jewellery? The possibilities are endless!

The course runs from the 1st November - 6th December, Thursday evenings 6-9pm. The cost is £150/£135, to be confirmed.

If you are interested, then give our T&I office a ring on 0151 702 5324 to book your place.