Prep for Silk screen print session 2 (03/03/10) Photo-stencils.

How to create a film-positive.

Artwork must be black and white, with no greys (halftones).

(Halftone or colour images can be photocopied with extreme contrast, and the resulting image photocopied, creating a black and white image.)

When you’re happy with the image, copy onto (photocopiable) film.

Or work with Indian ink directly onto cell.

Whatever method you use, black marks must be opaque. If film positive looks grey when held up to daylight, have 2 copies made, and carefully attach together creating a denser black.

Rennies (Bold Street) have cell/ acetate/ film with different attributes, and can advise.

Desktop Print Liverpool (Bold Street –Corner near Rennies) do acetate copies at 50p A4/ £1.00 A3 – no need to bring own acetate.

Tracing paper: I need to do some tests, will update here.

Any questions, get in touch!

Jane Spencer.