Mark Barrett trialing the new screen print studio

For the past couple of days artist and teacher Mark Barrett has been visiting from his home in Cardiff where he ran the screen print studio at Llanover Hall. Mark is a stickler for technical processes and he has made some great suggestions which the Print Studio Manager will be putting into practice next week.

For example he suggests we abandon the packing tape clogging up our screens with sticky residue and opt instead for Scotch Invisible. The glue on Scotch Invisible doesn't change its chemical composition on contact with our washing-out chemicals or water. Hoorah!

Mark specialises in photographically generated work and uses Photoshop to produce his perfect positives. He loved the Natgraph exposure unit in particular. We hope there will be a return visit with masterclass or facilitated editioning for those interested. Here are some of Mark's prints in progress... the one with the book covers is a 'portrait' of his three children, each cover representing a child's 'book for life'. Lovely idea we thought.