Photec printing!

Down at the print studios the volunteers had a chance to do some training in the Intaglio room with Emma Gregory, learning how to prepare, expose and print a non-etch plate using Photec. We went through sanding and degreasing the plate and how to apply the light-sensitive film (in a specially made dark room), how to expose the film and then develop it in a soda crystal solution. By the end of the morning we had all produced a print, even those who had never used the press before.

All of this was thanks to Anglesey-based printmaker John Hegley, who recently received grant money from the Welsh Arts Council to develop his own Photec techniques. Fantastically, he then came and tested our light unit to check the correct exposure times to get the best possible prints (thanks John!).

Here are some of the results:

Flower Lady by Jen Fenner

Work from our newest volunteer, Greg Herbert

A double-exposed print by Katie Whitfield

A collection of prints and one of the finished plates

As you can see we still have some things to learn but some of the group have already bought Photec printing supplies and are eager to get to grips with this difficult but rewarding technique.

Notes on how to do Photec printing at the Bluecoat will be uploaded soon on to our downloads page so watch this space!