Thought Bubble

   Thought Bubble is the UK's biggest annual event which celebrates sequential art in many forms, from superheroes to small press and independent comics.

It takes place across a range of various locations in Leeds, and is a must for comic lovers old and new.

Thought Bubble will take place from the 11th -18th of November with a two day convention on the 17th-18th. There is a number of different and exciting things to have a look at throughout the event, such as The British Comic Awards, this is a celebration of the best stories told by Writers and Illustrators from the past 12 months. The ceremony will take place at the Bury Theatre on the 17th of November.

Half way through the festival we will see the UK's first MONDO exhibition curated by Olly Moss, running from the 16th of November until the 2nd of December in the White Cloth Gallery, Leeds. This collection is full of Art House and Movie posters and is definitely worth a look into.

For more information about Thought Bubble, go and check out their website;