Mezzotint and Drypoint with Andreas Vietz

Earlier this month saw the Mezzotint and Drypoint workshop here in the print studios at the Bluecoat with German artist Andreas Vietz. We've had some glowing reports back from people on the course, and some very exciting work has come out of it!

Andreas with others in the Intaglio studio. 

 "Many thanks for another great workshop which was very enjoyable and inspiring (we have started looking  where we can buy some Mezzotint Rockers next time we are in London. We loved the range of marks and effects that can be achieved with drypoint and mezzotint. It was a pleasure to work the plate with just a few simple tools (and no chemicals) to great effect."

Loraine Waites

Chris Waites

If you are interested in Mezzotint or Drypoint then you can see a pdf with hints and instructions from the course here, or you can access it on our downloads page.

And of course, if you want to learn new skills or brush up on your printing techniques we have a range of courses and workshops running until July, including advanced screen printing with Dave Evans. You can see a list of courses here.

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Happy printing!