Etched and Incised Lino Workshop

On Saturday the 10th December, Martin Kochany from Hot Bed Press ran a one-day workshop on lino etching in the Intaglio studio.

We were supplied with grey lino as it has an untreated surface and is well suited to etching. We did some straight cutting to begin with. Then Martin encouraged us to experiment with parcel tape and sellotape as a masking source:

Next we used bituminous paint as a resist:

I'd previously attempted lino etching at home but had only managed to eat right through my lino plate with caustic soda. Not a great result! Martin recommended mixing the caustic soda powder with wallpaper paste and water. This lovely lumpy mess sat on the surface of the lino plate for around 20 minutes.

The paste was washed off with water. Tape was peeled away and the bituminous paint was removed with white spirit. Plates were transferred to the hotplate to dry. Here is Rebbeka's beautiful painterly crow plate.

Martin set up the desktop press and we printed onto damp Fabriano.

These test prints indicate a little more etching required in places. But they illustrate the idea and effects you can achieve using this process.

Great course. Thanks Martin x

posted by jen