Photoshop Skill Share

Photoshop for Printmakers - Skill share with Chris and Lorraine Waites at the Bluecoat on Tuesday 16th November.

This skill share is aimed at giving you the information you need to create and manipulate your photographs and artwork using a computer. We will be using a laptop and projector to demonstrate the main features of Photoshop that are of use to the printmaker based on our experience. We will cover:

- Getting your pictures and artwork into Photoshop

- A tour of the tools and work area in Photoshop

- Basic adjustments to improve your photographs and artwork

- How to use layers to produce interesting artwork

- Useful filters for printmaking

- Adding text

- How to avoid Common mistakes

We welcome questions and discussion on using Photoshop. There are many versions of Photoshop available and we will try to make our information useful no matter what version you have access to.

We will produce some notes and guidance for you to take home, and also bring along some examples of photopolymer prints created using Photoshop.

Chris & Loraine Waites got excited about photo-etching following a course with Rebecca Vincent in 2005 and we have been developing/sharing our skills since then.

If you are interested in attending this skill share please contact Hannah Fray directly at
This is a free event but space is limited to only 10 people, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Photo etching created using photoshop.