Aquatint research project.

In September 2009 Emma Gregory and Tracy Hill (Griffin) began a very exciting research project to test the acrylic aquatint products currently on the market.
After continual battles with the new products available we decided to try to establish which products would be best suited to our print studios in Liverpool and Preston.
We have been funded by CADG at UCLAN to undertake the testing of the following products:

Lascaux aquatint solution
Hunt speedball screenfiller
Sandpaper onto BIG hard ground
badger aquatint solution
Lascaux tusche wash/spray
Lascaux screen filler
Edinburgh print mix
Bluecoat mix

However we are aware that like Emma and Myself many printmakers have already been working with these acrylic aquatints and have created recipes for themselves. We are very keen to include these in our tests and we have put a request out via emails to printmaking studios for recipes and advice concerning the use of aquatints.

We are currently in the middle of testing and will be documenting fully the results and findings of our testing.

If you have anything you would like to contribute or know of any artists who might be interested in the project please do not hesitate to contact either Emma or Tracy.
All contributors will be credited in the project and it is our intention to share the results with printmakers worldwide.
The results will be published on a web page:
a link to this page will be available soon.